Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Workouts for Monday-Wednesday (Sorry I forgot!)

Monday, I found myself unwilling to wake up until 11am!! (talk about messing up food/water schedule!)
But I was ready to go for the baseline WOD. I did mediocre @ best. :( I know now to REALLY warm up prior to. I need a good solid round in to get really warm. Is anyone else like this?

Tuesday, I woke up late AGAIN and didn't have time to eat breakfast prior to the gym since I chose to drink h2o. (I have to choose... it's a bummer most of the time)
I didn't do the WOD, or much of anything b/c I felt like !!!! after rowing 500m, 10 pullups, 30 situps 2x...I was done.
I had to get out of there but determined to do better the next day.

Wednesday, I did better @ the WOD. (combination of more sleep, more water, and taking B12) For the life of me I can't get a good clean @ a weight that's challenging!!!(I'm complaining here.) And there's NO WAY I can do a handstand yet-give me 20lbs and we'll talk.
I was whining about it to Jennifer (a sister who's a crossfitter up in PA) and she said it was most likely my grip strength since her's was crappy too (in comparison to her upper arm strength). I was like yeah right. She Rx's most of her WODs. But a light bulb went off in my head. It made sense b/c I remembered getting physical therapy as a 4-5yr b/c I apparently had underdeveloped/immature grip and forearm strength and coordination. (Go figure)
So I've decided that I'm going to work on this every time I'm at the gym. And @ home once I can 'borrow' one of Jennifer's toys for know for climbers, it's a ball in this thing and you have to shake it to get it to spin?? I can never remember words when I need them. :)

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