Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turkey and 'dressing'

So the other day when I went to get my groceries for this week I went to Wal-Mart (boo hiss). I went over to the meat section to see what they had marked down and I found 4 packages of 3 turkey legs. So being the penny pincher I snatched them up figuring I could figure something out.

I decided to try making turkey and 'dressing' to see if one could prepare a traditional meal w/o bread.

To my delight, the 'dressing' tasted DELISH, the turkey legs....not so much. SIGH.
I will try again.
I think by pulling the skin off (per my older daughter's demand for NO SKIN), I did a disservice to the meat. I will not heed her next time.

So my 'dressing' consisted of:
minced carrots (1-2cups)
minced onions(1 cup)
minced celery (1 cup)
minced mushrooms (3+ cups)
finely chopped walnuts (1 cup)
minced garlic (1tblsp-but I LOVE garlic)
parsley (1-2 tblsp)
sage (1-2 tblsp)
salt/pepper (to taste)
EV sunflower oil (1 cup)

1. I prepared the carrots, onions, celery by lightly sauteing them in sunflower oil. I added the mushrooms once I turned off the heat and just mixed them in.
2. I combined the walnuts, garlic, parsley, sage, salt, pepper, and more EVSO to make a pesto consistency goo (for a lack of better terms).

I 'dressed' my 6-skinned and lightly salted/peppered turkey legs with the ingredients above by putting 1. down and around the legs then dolloping 2. (atleast) 2 spoons the walnut 'pesto' goo onto each leg.
I used the smaller container to get a little water(1/2-3/4cup) to pour around the dish.

Then I cooked it for an hour @ 350 (325 convection). It probably could have been less time. I just forgot about it. :)

Any suggestions on making the legs taste better, please let me know...the only way I think a turkey should be cooked is SMOKED. So traditional not as familiar.

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