Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brocoli Salad

During my cooking frenzy last Monday night, I decided to make brocoli salad for something I could munch on during the week.

My brocoli salad was adapted to be challenge friendly as well as utilize parts of fresh brocoli that aren't eaten by the kids-the stalks.

I also chose to use my EVSO (extra virgin sunflower oil) because I WAS OUT OF SUNFLOWER SEEDS! Oh the horror!!! :)

The ingredients I used:
minced brocoli stalks (from 3 crown bunches)
minced carrots
golden raisins

for the sauce/aioli:
sunflower oil
white vinegar
minced garlic

I'm so glad I had it on hand for something to crunchy to eat as a side and being so portable to take back to work. Though I will mention that everyone at work called it cole slaw..... so maybe I should rename this dish Brocoli slaw? What do you think?

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