Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grocery Bill

So I've kept all my receipts since the Challenge began and have spent about $450 since the 1st. That's what I generally spend in a month. :( That's got me freaking out a bit.

I will say that we've been eating all 3 meals (and snacks) from what I've purchased.

I honestly only have another $150 at most from the budget to last til the end of the month.

I know that in reality feeding a family of 5 all their meals and snacks for $600 is decent, a bargain even, but for us, that's basically one of our take home paychecks....

So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to stretch what I've bought (since the 1st and through today) and only supplement with a few things til the end of the month.

What I tend to do is double what we eat for supper to cover our lunches (except Em's b/c she can't microwave). I add to their lunch fresh fruit, nuts/seeds, and maybe carrots/broc. They all drink h20. I also keep apples, tangerines and tangelos for snacks after dinner.

I try to have 10 bananas and enough milk for banana smoothies (that's all they like, unless I add stevia or sugar w/ strawberries) for the girls and at least a dz eggs and more bananas for Jonah @ breakfast for the week. Matt just likes grapefruit.

*I was blessed last week to eat from my stores of pre-made meals from the Meal swap Crossfit Brigade hosted last Sunday.

What do I have currently stocked in my fridge/freezer?
Protein- I currently have enough meat for the next 7-10 days:
6+lbs of hamburger,
2pkgs of bacon, (no sugar)
5 pkgs of sausage, (no you know HOW HARD it is to find this???? Bob Evans)
3 dz eggs,
1 bag of IQF (frozen) salmon,
2 bags of IQF tilapia,
2 bags of frozen chicken breasts,
1 chuck roast,
and 2 other roasts.
3-bunches of bananas (1 is from dehydrating, 1 for smoothies, 1 for lunch)
2 -mini boxes of blueberries (lunch)
2-pints of strawberries (lunch)
1/2 bag left of frozen strawberries
1 bag of frozen mixed fruit-
4 bags of McIntosh apples ( my ABSOLUTE favorite in THE WORLD- and @ ALDI currently)
1 dz tangelos
1/2 dz grapefruit
1/2 dz tangerines
1 box of raisins, prunes, dates
4-pkgs of mushrooms
1- bag of carrots
1- bag baby carrots
2-spaghetti squash
1-acorn squash
2-bags of white onions
2- green bell peppers
3- yellow, red bell peppers
2 lbs of sweet potatoes
2 heads of cauliflower
4 small heads of broccoli
1 small cabbage
4-6 bags of frozen veggies
unlimited supply of collards (in garden)

I primarily shop @ Aldi for ALL our fruit/veggie, milk, and egg needs. I spent $64 today and get more than 1/2 of the fruits/veggies listed. Last week I spent $184 and got the other fruits/veggies, fish, and the chicken and fruit/veggies we ate this week.

Last week (Jan 6th) I bought 3 roasts, walnut oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil (and 2 nice Spanish cheeses) @ Greenlife for $115.

In the last 2 weeks, I've spent about $150 @ BiLo getting the hamburger meat, the frozen chicken, eggs, some fruit and some veggies that Aldi didn't carry.

After reading through my list, I think I've definitely enough meat to last til next Sunday. I also have enough veggies. My fruit I may have to augment since bananas are a hot commodity at this house as are tangerines.

If there's anyone w/ a suggestion on how to improve this bill, let me know...I'm open for suggestions. :)

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