Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exercise Journal update

I've been mentally blogging this, so you all should know what I've done, right? Wrong. I am so much in my head, that I often forget what I actually say, do, or share.

If you have ADHD, you understand my plight. My mind is constantly thinking, and generally with more than one strand going at once.... like what I'm considering, planning, preparing for, etc... in the next few moments to the next few years. I can and will overwhelm you if I relax my filter b/c I will jump around topics, start mid thought, lose my thought process, forget key words, etc...

Anyways, back to my exercise blog.

I will start with today.
Day 10- Crossfit WOD, CB
Day 9- none (I won't count the long treks all over the school multiple times, nor the 2hr cooking frenzy last night)
Day 8- Crossfit WOD
Day 7- none (too busy cooking...6hrs!)
Day 6-Walk
Day 5- Moved furniture and boxes...1hr+
Day 4- CB
Day 3-Crossfit WOD
Day 2-Crossfit WOD
Day 1- Crossfit WOD, CB

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