Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eating & Exercising Journal since 1/12/12

Today I wasn't hungry, just tired and thirsty. I took a 3-3.5 hr nap.
Br-strawberry/banana coconut smoothie (8oz)
Lun- 2oz cheese, 3 sausge balls
Din- 2 steaks (sorry, but that's all I wanted and could think about)

I was recovering from having a party for a bunch of 16yr olds (for Jonah who recently turned 16). I had cooked much of the evening before and just tried to keep mayhem from occurring in the house. I am proud to say that I didn't cheat, in fact, had no desire to.
Br-banana and recovery shake
Lun- 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon
Din-spinach salad w/ walnuts, dried, unsweetened pineapple, 2 figs, and 2oz cheese and my vinagrette I made
EX- WOD Rx'd it just under 13 min...not my best but consider the dizziness I dealing w/... not to bad.

2-hr delays @ school I love but HATE b/c it messes up our schedules... I had every intention of going to the 6am workout but that flew out the window w/ the delay. I had a SUPER busy afternoon doing last minute preps for jonah's bday party.
BR- turkey/apple hash from meal swap
LU- Shepard's pie (from meal swap)
DIN- 4 tostones fried in lard and guac
snack- more tostones

Busy day cleaning and getting ready for Jonah's party. Had a good workout, beating my supposed 1rep max in deads... was psyched about that and finding out I had lost 10 lbs since the start of the challenge!
BR-egg muffin
LU- collards and pork (from swap)
DIN-Chicken and mushroom stew

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