Monday, September 17, 2012

Lurong Living Challenge

Today's THE DAY!

Do or die!

I was on the fence for months due to my injuries, but decided last minute to just go for it when I learned I could scale the WODS.


I have another 9 weeks to solidify my Paleo eating habits. I want them to be second nature, like breathing or wanting only water.

My goal, in addition to solidifying Paleo eating, is to create a true workout desire within me. I'll be honest, I do it, but only to avoid the dreaded weight gain.
I briefly tasted that 'True Workout Desire' back in May and it was truly Euphoric, but then, I hurt myself.
Talk about MAJOR disappointment and disgust for oneself.

BUT, it's a new day, even a NEW YEAR (L'Shana Tova, ya'll), so let's get this party STARTED!!!

You have til midnight to join!

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