Monday, May 28, 2012

Cooking paleo

So the Spring '12 Crossfit Brigade nutritional challenge has provided Matt and I MANY opportunities to experiment with flavors and food combinations.

He's successfully created paleo BBQ sauce to go w/ his smoked meats!
I've created several DELICIOUS frozen concoctions that only have ice, vanilla, banana, and maybe another fruit.
I've learned to cook fish in a way that I can tolerate it and even enjoy eating it!
I made my own Paleo ketchup to enjoy on burgers and other meats.
I made my own Paleo mayo/aioli to be enjoyed w/ said burgers and other meats.

I attempted Primal pizza w/ a chicharrones crust....the toppings were AMAZING, the crust not so much. I need to tweak it so it's not so crumbly.

I've made some larabar'esque snacks that Matt and I gobbled up. All they had in it were, dates, prunes, almond flour, coconut flour, vanilla, a bit on honey, and organic 99% cocoa... They were amazing.

Recipes will show up soon. I've been reading my random cookbooks and websites to glean ideas for me to try.

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