Monday, February 6, 2012

Long time, no see!

My last post was the day before my 35th birthday and since then, life has been a whirlwind of cooties, shopping/cooking for the family, more bday celebrations (1 sis has a birthday 6 days AFTER mine), and a slew of school activities and changes.

I don't know about you, but when I get a cold (sinus infection) it knocks me for a loop for 2-3 days and the household goes awry. Add a sick husband, and the household came to a stop.

Thankfully I had made a large grocery trip the week before and was set, but UNFORTUNATELY I didn't cook A SINGLE thing except the chili I made for the Meal swap, the sausage balls and bacon for the kids' lunch.

SIGH. We struggled ALL week (1/23-1/27)with eating at a decent hour and the kids bought lunch several times. (@ $3.25/day for JUNK!!!) But I didn't cheat...NOT ONCE!
Not when I went to FoodWorks for my birthday (did you know they have a gluten-free menu!!), and Not even when there were literally HUNDREDS of slices of NY cheesecake ALL AROUND ME (1-26 @ a school fundraiser). I smelled a slice for a good minute but I didn't even touch it. I SO appreciated the support from my friends that I texted with my dilema. I did work out at least 3 times though in a gym.

The next weekend (Jan 28-29) was MUCH better and I had EVERY lunch and dinner ready for EVERYONE for the week, all packaged neatly. It took me about 4 hours to do. I even did a kettlebell class on Jan 28th @ the Powerhouse.

So for the week of Jan 30th-Feb 3rd, we were set. I was feeling less puny but mentally and emotionally overwhelmed w/ a new task @ work. I only exercised 2x though - a WOD on Monday the 30th and 1 kettlebell class on the 4th. :( My heart wasn't there or maybe it was b/c nature came and tried to rip me a part for a few days. ;)

Over the last month I have found that exercising is alot harder for me to be consistent between the illnesses, after school functions, and other duties, than it is to eat Primal.

My children have been 75% clean this whole time. I chose about 3 weeks in to allow the weekends to be more lax b/c with kid parties, slumber parties, etc.... I think this has helped them cope with the meal changes in the week. My 16yr old has been the MOST resistant to this change.

I actually just informed him that when we start a 40-day church fast, the family would be back on this eating pattern. I'm hoping that this additional time will help me work out the kinks in grocery shopping and meal planning... I've hardly thrown anything away for spoilage, I just haven't branched out as much as I would have preferred.

One day soon, I will get back on with my shopping comparisons...right now they feel too tedious.

I wish I knew about other posts talking about families, eating primal, and going non-stop. :)

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